Migrating to a static site using Pelican

I've used Wordpress, but for a blog with technical posts, it sure is difficult to get proper markup showing code samples and such. Maybe there's some plugin that helps, but I'm unaware of it.

I've heard of the virtues of static site generation for some time. I use vim and git quite regularly and I really like reStructuredText. There is considerable appeal to using these tools for blogging instead of having to use Wordpress.

However, many blogging frameworks use Ruby (but not all). I'm leery of installing Ruby because (a) I'm unfamiliar with the syntax, so I'd be stuck if I wanted to modify things and (b) it seems to have troublesome versioning, much worse than the Python 2/3 split.

So, after doing some research, I have settled with Pelican. It's in Python and converts ReST sources to HTML/CSS outputs. This post is something of a test post right now because it'll take me a while to get everything set up (comments, RSS feed, etc). If I like the way Pelican works for me, I'll keep it. If not, I can easily transition to a different framework.

Comments !